Menu & Button Overview

Home Page Menu Overview

The above video covers the following points:

  1. Menu:
    1.1 Notifications: Lists all notifications for your account.
    1.2 Account: Displays account details and provides the option to "Log Out."
    1.3 Settings: Allows you to change your password and set the 'Unit.'
    1.4 Select Contract: Enables toggling between different environments associated with your user account.
    1.5 Upload Point Cloud: Uploads a point cloud directly into ATLAS.
    1.6 Save Current Positions: Sets the default view for your user profile.
  2. Browse Data:
    2.1 Point Clouds: Lists all available point clouds for viewing.
    2.2 Point Cloud Files: Lists all point cloud files and provides the option to 'remove.'
    2.3 Notifications: Same as 1.1.
  3. Change Map Type:
    3.1 GIS Layer Styling: Allows you to change the visual appearance of the GIS map on the home screen.
    3.2 GIS Visual Data: Lets you visualise the types of data available and toggle data on and off.
  4. Point Cloud Styling
  5. Actions:
    5.1 Sectioning: Please refer to the Sectioning Tutorial.
    5.2 First Person View. Please refer to the Navigation Tutorial.
    5.3 Cloud Measurements: Please see the Cloud Measurements Tutorial.
  6. Exiting Point Clouds