Create New Project Environment

Welcome to ATLAS! The first step to unlocking all of the great benefits that ATLAS has to offer, is to set up your own Project Environment. The following process is designed to be undertaken by a Project Admin User.

In order to start the process of setting up your project environment, please visit the following link to be taken to the EMT ATLAS Sign Up Page:

Upon reaching the ATLAS Sign Up Page via the link above, please follow the step below to complete setting up your project environment:

  1. Click "Sign up now" (located below the dark blue "Sign in" button)
  2. Enter your email address and then select the "Send verification code" dark blue button
  3. Navigate to your email and open the email you should have received that contains the verification code*. Copy the verification code and navigate back to the ATLAS Sign Up browser window. Paste the verification code into the entry field and then select the "Verify code" button
  4. After entering the correct verification code, you will now be prompted to create a password and then re-enter the password a second time. Please note that your password must be between 8 and 64 characters and must have at least three of the following; a lower case letter, an uppercase letter, a numerical digit, a symbol. Once you have entered your new password twice and there is no error message showing for a non-compliant password, press the "Create" button**
  5. You should now be taken to a new page to continue the registration, with an entry field for "Team name". Please enter your desired "Team name" (project environment name). Keep in mind that this name will formulate part of your project URL, so it is advised to choose a name that will be easily recognisable and clear for your project team.
  6. After entering your new "Team name", the following field for " Your project URL" will auto-populate according to the value added in Step 5. Now select the "Submit" button to complete the sign up process.

You will now be able to use this email and password combination to sign in to ATLAS or to access the API via your project's URL:


*If you did not receive the verification code email, please return to the original EMT ATLAS Sign Up Page via the URL above, and repeat Steps 1-2 of the process. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact: [email protected].

**If your email has previously been registered on ATLAS, you will receive an error message after entering your password and selecting the "Create" button: "A user with the specified ID already exists. Please choose a different one". If this occurs, please either try signing up with a different email address, or try resetting your password to access your existing account.