Why am I not able to set a password?

Modified on: 2016-03-21 12:49:29 +0000

EMT Innovation Portal recognises incoming connections from certain known networks like Costain as "trusted". Users registering via trusted connections don’t need a password. They should just close the browser tab or window when done using the portal. There is no need to log out. Next time when they click ‘Login’, the system will perform automatic validation and take them straight in. There will be no need for a password as long as they are using a "trusted" network.

To login to the portal from another browser/machine:

1> Click 'Registration' link on portal home page from the new browser.

  a> If the new machine/browser is on a trusted network, the portal will associate the new browser with your account.

  b> If NOT on a trusted network, then you will be prompted to set a password.

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